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GoDaddy's Sexism

Boycott Godaddy's blatant old-school, good-ole-boy sexsim and exploitation.

We're here to let Godaddy know that it's "girls" are women, and that their bodies are not here to be used to sell web hosting.

Godaddy's sexist advertising has created a monster with one of the biggest hosting companies out there.

Their success tactics? Exploiting "hot women" to sell their products. Godaddy Ad Copy such as the following which appears on the GoDaddy website, serves to further the unecessary objectification of women, and normalize this problem behavior among men: "What's Bob saying now? 6 Facts YOU MUST know when dealing with any problem. PLUS ... a smoking HOT blonde." Bob Parsons thinks he's "the man" and thinks that being "the man" is somehow a good thing. Exploited women and elephants the world over think otherwise.

GoDaddy's sexist Super Bowl ads have lit up the blogosphere with calls for boycotts like this one from My Polar Opposite.

Join us in spreading the word and tell your friends to BREAK UP WITH GODADDY today.

GoDaddy's SOPA support



Take a Stand Against CEO Bob Parsons

March 31, 2011
CEO Bob Parsons is now under fire due to his posting of a video of himself on an elephant hunting trip in Africa. We can take a stand against this kind of destructive behavior by boycotting GoDaddy today. This is a call for everyone to cancel their GoDaddy accounts in protest.

For more on this breaking story:

Bob ParsonsBusiness Insider Story: How To Boycott GoDaddy's Elephant-Killing CEO And Donate To SaveTheElephants.Org

MSNBC: GoDaddy CEO kills elephant, videotapes act


Sign Peta's Petition: Don't Go With and Its Elephant-Killing CEO!

Customers are leaving GoDaddy in droves. We vote with our dollars! Watch one angry GoDaddy customer respond to CEO Bob Parsons antics in this video blog:

Listen to this entertaining phone call with as Saving Species writer Roger Harris tries to get some response from GoDaddy on the phone:


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